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Why PHP is most used language

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PHP is a language of programming very much underrated in this modern era of rising languages. There are a number of ever-growing new scripting languages which are rising and contributing with their usability, scalability, flexibility, and security. Yet, I find PHP is still one of the best when it comes to having these features and more. The countless contributors around the world are ensuring that, PHP is constantly improving and adapting appropriately matching needs of new generations.

Why I prefer PHP

I admire this language for all features it has offered me. Not only is it simple and easily accessible, but scalability and flexibility of it is astounding. Use PHP in any sort of project you may be working on whether it be a portfolio or a Global Distribution system. So, it is useful in any situation, can be deployed in any kind of server and cost efficient which is why I highly recommend it.

PHP speed comparison

Speed comparison is not always based on the programming language but also how a language is used and shaped in to a project. When it comes to the speed, PHP cannot beat languages running over CLI or compiled but despite that, it does provide great or somewhat equal results over the web.

Is PHP hackable

Hackable? Yes, well site wise if you believe your site can be hacked when using PHP you are completely mistaken or misinformed. In actual fact, you cannot blame the scripting language for any security mishaps, when the responsibility of providing a strongly secured site is of a developer. Throughout life of technology we are constantly upgrading in order to develop and adapt to the new things from time to time. This is essential when it comes to maintaining the site and securing it. A few developers may ignore this fact and instead work on outdated codes which potentially puts the personal data of the site and users at risks. Therefore, as a developer this is something to be aware of and keep in mind when developing a site.

PHP Syntax

PHP is easy to use and easy to learn language having no extreme lines of codes a single "hello world" can be resulted in 3 lines

echo 'hello world';
hello world

The Foreseeable Future of PHP

From my observation, I believe PHP can be considered to have a bright future as long as it is maintained. There are many PHP communities, and developers who are working in their day-to-day lives in order to improve and develop. While anything without proper maintenance will always have a hard time surviving, PHP is ensured to be maintained with the millions or more developers who keep it alive for the rest of the online world.